Tues 15th Sept – Sat 10th Oct , 2009
rtist floor talk Sat 3rd Oct at Pieces of Eight Gallery, 4pm.

Pieces of Eight Gallery
635 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy, Vic.

In the ‘Nomad’ jewellery series Djurdjica Kesic delves into her ongoing interest in ideas about home, place and transportability of home in migration. For Kesic, the house becomes a symbol of something that evokes a sense of place and stability. More specifically these ideas are explored in relation to the migrant experience that is in many ways shaped by transition and movement. The two, house and migration, appear to be in a dichotomy, of something fixed and something in motion. ‘Nomad’ explores these ideas through a series of neckpieces made from an armful of preloved belongings.

About Djurdjica Kesic

Djurdjica Kesic completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Interior Design at RMIT University Melbourne in 1999 and taught there for several years. A strong drive to create tangible objects has seen her develop this passion, and in 2007 she completed an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology and Metal-smithing (Jewellery), Box Hill Institute. The same year saw her work selected and exhibited as part of the Filippo Raphael Fresh Award at Craft Victoria where she was a finalist.

Pieces of Eight Gallery 635 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy, Vic.
Open Tuesday to Friday 11-6pm, Saturday 11-5pm. For more information telephone
(03) 9497 8121, email or go to

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