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Sharon Fitness 8th September – 3rd October 2009 Inform Contemporary Jewellery, Christchurch a series of nine new brooches: “My practice evolves around play, fun and random happenings. I work with silicone because it offers the flexibility, changeability and tactility I need to produce playful wobbly wearable beings. These brooches have a life of their […]

Inform 10th March – 14th April 09 Inform Contemporary Jewellery “I am fascinated with flowers; specifically the rose; its manufactured sentimentality, vast symbolism and its long-standing history in jewellery and adornment. These brooches push and play with dimension, scale and subject; which when worn charm both the wearer and the viewer”. 58 High Street […]

24th Feb – 14th March 09 Inform Contemporary Jewellery Christchurch

Inform Contemporary Jewellery Nov 25 – Dec 13th, 2008 Opening Night Tues Nov 25th, from 5pm

Sturt Gallery September 14 – October 19 The Pieces of Eight Workshop Group exhibits for the first time together.