The Ring


100s of Rings, by forty artists

Opens Friday 2 October 2009

Studio Ingot

Shop 2, 234 Brunswick St
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
ph 03 9415 6000

The ring is a symbol universally interpreted as a marker of an emotional or spiritual bond. This simple object has always reflected the wearer and communicated a social context. As a symbol, the ring has always generated mystery, power, magic and desire.

Since its earliest appearance in archaeological finds, the ring has always been a subject of historical reflection. Design and materials have communicated both the artist’s voice and the wearer’s desires. One of the few items worn that is worn daily, a ring serves as both a talisman and reminder.

As a poignant gift the ring communicates: Affection, Love, Betrothal, Commitment, Engagement, Mourning, Celebration, Congratulations, Friendship, Luck or Thank you.

In a contemporary context, rings approach the definition of sculpture. They may please or provoke, sending a powerful communication from the wearer about their personal style or beliefs.

Platinum, white gold , silver, corian, recycled plastic, diamond, ruby, pearl, titanium, yellow gold, green sapphire, black diamond.


Brendan Adair-Smith
Annaig Bidan
Jane Bowden
Katherine Bowman
Madeleine Brown
Michelle Cangiano
Michael De Vildosola
Raymond de Zwart
Jeanette Dyke
Nina Ellis
Norman Fell
Michael Fletcher
Yuri Fujiyama
Darren Harvey
Barbara Heath
Nicky Hepburn
Birgit Holdinghausen
Pennie Jagiello
Bridget Kennedy
Rebecca Kim
Anette Kortenhaus
Fiona Kwong
Catherine Large
Katheryn Leopoldseder
Coconut Lu
Shine Myung-ok Shin
Belinda Newick
Mary Odorcic
David Parker
Cass Partington
Rebecca Pocock
Amy Renshaw
Sarah Ross
Regine Schwarzer
Zoe Jay Veness
Kathryn Wardill
Robin Wells
Leonie Westbrook

Studio Ingot represents over 60 Australian jewellery and silversmithing artisans.

Studio Ingot
Shop 2, 234 Brunswick St
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
ph 03 9415 6000

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