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Artists: Lisa Walker Place: Neues Museum. Nuremberg (Nuremberg, Germany) 11-Aug-2009 – 24-Oct-2009 website: website: mail: Thanks to Klimt02 for this post. At the age of 35 she knew she was good Walker’s jewellery is delightfully risky, a poetry of found objects treated with serious intent as well as playful humour.In the face […]

Image: Vaune Mason “Eat Me” Exhibiting Artists: Roseanne Bartley, Kate Barton, Rachel Bell, Pauline Bern, Trevor Byron, Barry Clarke, Peter Deckers, Jane Dodd, Ilse-Marie Erl, Sharon Fitness, Frejj, Sheridan Kennedy, Ross Malcolm, Vaune Mason, Craig McIntosh, David McLeod, Karen Michaud, Tatjana Panyoczki, Tania Patterson, Cheryl Sills, Frances Stachl, Mia Straka, Blanche Tilden, Lisa Walker, Lisa […]

12 artists jewellers. An aesthetic lexicon Lucca Preziosa, Italy 23-Apr-2009 – 17-May-2009 Robert Baines Lisa Walker Sally Marsland Maria Cristina Bergesio, curator. Lucca Preziosa is the prestigious European exhibition devoted to contemporary research jewellery. The project began in 2005, and was conceived, organized and coordinated by Le Arti Orafe, since 1985 international school for contemporary […]

CGI – Caroline Gore, oxidised silver & steel cable 2007, 40 x30mm Fran Allison, silver, 2007, 20x18mm photography: Stella Chrysostomou Gavin Hitchings, silver , 2007 40x28x28mm Hawke’s Bay Museum and Art Gallery Fran Allison, Andrea Daly, Peter Deckers, Karl Fritsch, Caroline Gore, Gavin Hitchings, Erik Kuiper, Sean O’Connell, and Lisa Walker 18 October 2008 – […]